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Tech Futures Group

Does my company qualify as a “technology company” for TFG?

To qualify as technology company, company revenues must be derived primarily by the technological innovation.

More specifically, TFG defines a ”technology company” as a business that:

Depends on technology to drive the business model

Possesses intellectual property, including patents that provides a defensible competitive advantage in the marketplace

Possesses high potential for growth — funding, jobs, revenue

Has developed an innovative product service, or process based on proprietary research and development OR

Has a product that uses a novel combination of existing technologies TFG supports companies in the following technology areas. This is partial list.

Hardware – computers, mobile devices, biotechnology, telecom, energy, green/clean tech

Software – applications, embedded software, SaaS, Internet sites/services, or cloud-based solutions

Technology-driven innovation where technology is not the product – process enhancement

Novel combinations of existing technology